Product 6 – Set of Cam Timing Belts


Product 6 – Cam Timing Belts


Exactfit Brand Aftermarket reinforced belts. Exactfit belts designed and in the USA to be identical to expensive OEM Gates belts, but at a fraction of the cost of OEM belts.

6a-900SS, M900, ST2, Gran Canyon
6b-M400/M750/750SS from 1990-1997,  750 F1, 400F3, Indiana 350/650, Pantah 350/400/500 SL/600 SL/650/750, Paso 750, Elefant 350/650/750, Alazurra 350/650, Bimota DB1
6c-M696, M796, HM796, Scrambler 800
6d-M600, M620, MTS620, M695, ‘ 98+ M750, M800, S2R800, 800SS
6e-M821, HM821, HS821, 848, HM939, HS939, SS939, MTS950, SS950, M821, M950, 1098, 1198, V2 Diavel (non-DVT), V2 MTS1200 (Non-DVT)
6f – 998, 749, 999
6g-748, 851, 888, 916, 996 —
6h-S4, S4R, ST4, ST4S, 748/996 (with ST Heads) – See NOTE2
6i- ST3, M1100, DS1000, DS1100, S2R1000, HM 1100
6j- MTS1200 (DVT), Diavel (DVT)
6K-Xdiavel, 1260 Diavel


Question: LT, I’m nervous about using aftermarket belts on my Ducati. Would you recommend against their use?

Answer: I first used first Bucci brand aftermarket belts and then Exactfit brand on my Ducs for decades, and have never heard of a single belt failure when replaced at recommended intervals. I’d use an aftermarket belt any day over the expensive OEM Gates belts. If a belt breaks, it isn’t the belt’s fault. Either an idler wheel bearing seized or owners stretched the replacement interval far beyond Ducati’s recommendations.

NOTE1: Price is for a SET of timing belts

NOTE2: The ST4, ST4S and later editions of the 748 and 996 motor used what’s called the ST Head which had a different placement of the exhaust valve in order to create more clearance. This head is characterized by a rocker pin cover plate with 5 bolts (1 hidden behind the oil line feed).  The standard non-ST head utilized 4 bolts for the rocker pin cover plate. If you have a 996, don’t order the belts until you inspect the rocker pin cover plate. If 4 bolts order the 6g belts. If 5 bolts order the 6h belts.

NOTE3: Due to occasional stockouts of Exactfit belts from the manufacturer I also source other brands from Europe as needed to fill orders with comparable belts. – Dayco, Gates, etc.

NOTE4: I do not stock belts for the 748R. It takes a one-off design belt that was only used for that model.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 1 in
Belt Variant

6a, 6b, 6c, 6d, 6e, 6f, 6g, 6h, 6i, 6j, 6K

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