International Shipments

Please read the following carefully.

  • Due to the changing nature of Country restrictions on imported goods, the UK and EU now charge 20% VAT to shippers, with small businesses like mine unable to pay directly to those government . I therefore no longer ship to the UK and the EU. NO EXCEPTIONS. I will not reply to requests to ship directly to the UK or to EU countries. If/when it becomes feasible I will resume shipments to those locations.
  • I offer two solutions for international shipments.
    • 1. USPS international shipments. The least expensive option. Ship times are 4-5 weeks for USPS due to Customs Clearing. No refunds will be offered until after 6 weeks on packages that haven’t arrived.
    • 2. DHL Express – Very fast. 3-4 days transit time, but costs are 3x those of USPS.
  • I do not ship UPS/Fedex or other forms for international shipments. Nor do I do bank transfers etc.
  • For international customers another option is to ship to an intermediary here in the US and have the mail fwded to you. The links here provide a few such forwarding company options. There are many options available for such services.

I do not have international distributors nor intend to set up such outlets.

NOTE: I do not control shipping costs. I don’t own any shipping companies.