International Shipments

Please read the following carefully.

  1. Due to the changing nature of Country restrictions on imported goods, the UK and EU now charge 20% VAT to shippers, with small businesses like mine unable to pay directly to those government . I therefore no longer ship to the UK and the EU. NO EXCEPTIONS. I will not reply to requests to ship directly to the UK or to EU countries. If/when it becomes feasible I will resume shipments to those locations.
  2. I cannot use USPS/Postal services to ship international products. Lost packages cost me and USPS does not honor insurance claims.
  3. For international customers I offer the following solutions.
    1. Ship to an intermediary here in the US and have the mail fwded to you. The links here provide a few such forwarding company options. There are many options available for such services.

2. All regular international orders are shipped DHL Express. No exceptions will be made. Any other form of shipment will result in lost packages. DHL Express shipping is very expensive. I can’t control that.

3. International customers can purchase their own shipping company to have my products delivered to them. If that sounds ridiculous, it’s no more so than customers asking me to control the prices that shipping companies charge me.

4. Move to the US. Our politics are insane, but the taxes are low by international standards and we have good riding.

I do not have international distributors nor intend to set up such outlets.