International Shipments

Please read the following carefully.

  • International orders process:
    • 1. Send me your full mailing address and phone # using my contact form on the website
    • 2. Send me a picture of the shopping cart items you wish to purchase
    • 3. I will email you the shipping cost and send an e-invoice for you to pay.
    • 4. Most shipments are made within 24 hours of payment.
  • International orders are shipped via UPS express. Delivery time is 4-5 business days not including holidays. Their rates are very reasonable.
  • I only ship UPS express for international. Any other service is either too expensive or results in lost packages
  • International customers are responsible for any import taxes to include VAT, which will be due at time of delivery.
  • I do not control the length of time for customs inspections, nor do I control the shipper.
  • I do not control shipping costs. If you email me asking for a cheaper alternative or comment that the costs of shipping are high, I will refer you back to this webpage.
  • All orders will be insured. If non-delivery after 45 days, money will be refunded. UPS has never lost any of my packages.
  • Customers are responsible for tracking the packages and being available when they are delivered. I will only refund for non-deliveries once the package is returned for me. UPS will try several times to attempt delivery, but if import taxes are due they cannot simply drop off the packages.
  • For international customers another option is to ship to an intermediary here in the US and have the mail forwarded to you. The links here provide a few such forwarding company options. There are many options available for such services.

I do not have international distributors nor intend to set up such outlets.