Full Service Parts List

I created this list to assist owners in gathering the necessary tools and parts to conduct a full service on their Ducati. Most of the items can be sourced right here from Desmo Times

Check list of tools for a valve adjust:

  1. Rocker Pin Extractor (Pre-testastretta 3v/4v model only)
  2. Feeler Gauges
  3. Engine Turning Tool
  4. Forceps
  5. Rocker Depressor Tool
  6. Castle Nut Tool for rotating vertical intake cam
  7. Cam lock tool for locking vertical intake cam into position for belt installation (4v models only)
  8. Cam belt eccentric tool for tensioning belts (4v models only)
  9. Magnetic Pickup Tool
  10. Valve Shim Measurement Tools
  11. Digital Micrometer
  12. Pick Set
  13. Cam Belt Tensioner Locknuts (4v models only)
  14. Shims, Half-Rings and Shim Kits – Go to the Product Quick Link and select “Shim Kits & Half Rings”
  15. Metric Allen Socket Set
  16. Cam Belts

Companion Services when performing a valve adjust

Oil Filter/Oil Filter Wrench

Fuel Filter

Fuel Pump Assembly Oring

Deluxe Bleeder for Brake/Clutch Bleeding

Countershaft Sprocket Replacement

Chain Replacement and Chain Replacement Tool

Wellnut Replacement

Quick Disconnect Replacement (748-998)

Battery Tender

Battery – Various see Electrical and Lighting Products

Spark Plugs