About Desmo Times

Desmo Times Decal on a 1098S


DESMO TIMES has been in business since November 2001, starting first as a self-publisher of Ducati Maintenance & Modification Manuals and later as a purveyer of tools and products to maintain and modify belt-drive Ducatis.

DESMO TIMES grew out of my experiences in starting and growing a motocycle club (the Floribama Riders) and as as a moto-journalist (for Motorcycle Consumer News, several e-zines, and as a ghost writer for motorcycle performance books). The plan was to start a yearly Ducati publication. During my mental battles with the notion of starting a publication, I began offering my wrenching skills to friends who owned Ducatis. The idea spread, and soon the DESMO TIMES concept formed. The name DESMO TIMES grew out of my early wrenching endeavors on Ducatis. I’d work my day job, spend some time with my wife, kiss her good night and tell her that it was Desmo Time. This signified that I was headed out to the garage to burn the midnight oil working on Ducatis. The name stuck, and now, rather than burn the midnight oil, my daily life is DESMO TIMES.

The goal of  Desmo Times is for owners to maintain their own machines, spending as little down-time as necessary. Wrenching on one’s own Ducati can help build confidence in your motorcycle, and your own skills to maintain it.  Nobody cares for your motorcycle more than you, so why trust others to work on it?

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