Shipping and VATs FAQ

Desmo Times changes shipping options depending on the cost and availability. At present here are the options:

  • Domestic Shipments (within the USA) – US Postal Service Priority or Express
  • International Shipments (outside the USA) – DHL Express

Domestic Shipments (inside USA):

Flat Rate Mail

Typically an order for a Shim Kit or Individual Shims costs about $10.50 to ship anywhere in the US and takes 2 to 3 days delivery. The cost of the package increases with the weight. So over 2 lbs cost a little more depending on the distance.

Express Mail

A Shim Kit or individual shims and most items under 2 lbs costs about $30.00. If the package is mailed from the post office before 2 pm, it usually gets delivered the next day. Sometimes it takes two days.

International Shipments (outside USA):

UPS Express

Used for all international shipments. 2-4 days worldwide. Shipping costs based on weight.

VATs (Value Added Taxes)

VAT fees are due upon delivery. I do not pay them on my end due to me being a small business.