MBP Retaining System

The MBP retaining system was designed to extend valve adjustment intervals by using a superior design to retain the closer shim on the valve stem.


  • MBP Retainers are compatible with our Closer Shims and Ducati OEM Closer Shims
  • MBP Retainers are available for 7 mm and 8 mm valve stems
  • 8 MBP retainers are needed for 2V bikes
  • 16 MBP retainers are needed for 4V bikes
  • Modified Opener shims are required when MBP Retainers are used on all 4V bikes.
  • There are two 7 mm MBP retainer designs.  One is for the early 4V  and all 2V- 7mm bikes, the other is for all later 4V bikes.  The later 4V bikes require a slightly smaller MBP retainer (about .0005 in.) to fit properly.

Combination Shim Kits with MBP Retainers | MBP Retainers