Closeout – Product 222 – Reverse Shifter


Product 222 – Reverse Shifter


The reverse shifter converts your one-down-four-up shift pattern to a one-up-four down pattern. Provides much better feel for shifting by eliminating the traditional shift rod linkage. Also, negates the need to pull in your left foot on left hand turns because up-shifts are conducted with your foot on top of the shift pedal. Toe piece of shifter is on an eccentric for adjustability. Design is offset to prevent clearance issues. Available in silver and black. Fits the following models:

  • All Superbikes 2004 and up
  • All Monsters
  • All ST models

Only available in black. Closeout item.

NOTE1:  Loctite bolt securing toe piece with 2 drops of low-strength loctite to prevent it from rattling out

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Silver, Black