Closeout – C96 – Throttle Tamer Quick Throttle

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Throttle Tamer


This one piece billet aluminum unit allows the rider to better control the quick revving nature of the Ducatis. The basis of this design is to slow down the rate of throttle opening in the first half of your hand movement. This gives more precise control during transitions such as rolling on the gas coming out of corners. The Throttle Tamer then speeds up the second half of the movement to create a slightly shorter total rotation (allowing you to reach full throttle quicker).

I tested this product on my 916. The results were very good. I found I had much more throttle control where I wanted it – at small throttle openings, yet I didn’t have to rotate the throttle as much to reach full throttle. Perfect!!

The Throttle Tamer has a knurled finish to ensure a snug fit with the grip. The Throttle Tamer also has an end piece that plugs into the end of the throttle tube for a clean look, or you can remove the plug to use with bar end weights/throttle locks.

The throttle tamer is the ONLY throttle modifier I could find that is delrin lined. That means there isn’t aluminum on aluminum contact to create stiction.

The Throttle Tamer comes in two variants – one for single throttle cable setups and other for dual throttle cable setups. Look at your throttle housing to determine which setup you have. These have ONLY been tested on Fuel-Injected bikes, so they’re not designed for the carbureted bikes.

When installing the throttle tamer, you can upgrade your old grips to our grips

NOTE1:  Works with OEM and most aftermarket bars

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove grip with an air nozzle hooked up to a compressor. If you can’t remove it, or want new grips, just order our replacement grips.
  2. Remove the two bolts securing the throttle housing with an 8mm socket.
  3. Gently pull apart the halves of the throttle housing and detach the cable(s) from the throttle.
  4. Slide the Throttle Tamer over the bar end (you may want to remove the Throttle Tamer tube plug if need be)
  5. Insert the cable(s) into the Throttle Tamer, and then insert the Throttle Tamer into the housing.
  6. Now is a good time to lube the throttle cables and put some lube on the cable track in the throttle cable housing.
  7. Close the housing around the Throttle Tamer and reinstall the two screws.
  8. Test the operation of the Throttle Tamer.
  9. Adjust the throttle cable free play either at the housing or throttle bodies (single cable models) or with the inline cable adjuster or throttle bodies (dual cable models).
  10. Double check throttle cable free play and throttle operation.
  11. Start bike, swing bars left to right to ensure idle doesn’t increase due to cable tension. Readjust cable free play to suit needs.
  12. Use air gun to reinstall grip.
  13. Enjoy the ride!

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Single Cable, Double Cable