Product 91 – Clutch Pushrod Seals


Product 91- Clutch Pushrod Seals for all Post ’90 Ducati dry clutches


Ducati clutches are prone to leaking oil from the crankcase via the clutch pushrod. The cause is two-fold – the oring seals in the left side of the pushrod and the transmission seal in the right side of the transmission housing. When I inspect the clutch and perform routine service, I replace the orings and tranny seal. The pushrod seals and the tranny seal begin to harden after several years of use. You can pull out the transmission seal and the pushrod orings with a pick (sold here in case you don’t have one). I reseat the transmission seal with a 1/4″ socket and an extension. Included in the kit is 1-steel cored OEM transmission seal and 1 set of viton-based pushrod orings (plus one extra). Instruction sheet included.

Works on all post-1990 dry clutch Ducatis. May work on pre-1990 Ducatis, but I don’t have access to earlier bikes to test fit.


Additional information

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .2 in

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