Closeout – C88 – Rear Wheel Nut Socket Tool for Single-Sided Swingarms. HD020-1


SSS Nut removal Tool – Single-Sided Swingarm Bikes – HD020-1


This tool is purpose built to remove BOTH the left side rear carrier nut AND the rear wheel nut on single-sided swingarms on MH900e, Multistrada 1000/1100, 748-998 Superbikes, 848, Hypermotard, S2R and S4R models. This steel tool will remove both nuts, even those torqued beyond specifications. Fits “small hole” older single-sided swingarm axle nuts.

NOTE1: Not for use pneumatic or electric impact guns. If nut is on too tight, soak threads with solvent and use a long-breaker bar to free up nut.

NOTE2: Not for use with 1098, 1198, 1199, 849, Streetfighter, Monster 1200, or MTS1200. For those bikes, use the other tool linked here.

NOTE3: May NOT fit some aftermarket 12-point alumunum/titanium nuts.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in