Product 115 – Wheel Bearings


Product 115 – Wheel Bearings

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These bearings are made to ISO spec in Europe and fit all Ducatis with 25mm axles. These are the only wheel bearings that I stock. One set is needed for the front wheel and one set for the rear wheel (rear wheel cush drive takes different sized bearings). You won’t find a replacement interval stated for wheel bearings, but I replace mine every 15,000 miles or at the first sign of rust on the bearing.

NOTE1: Single-sided swingarm bikes don’t have replaceable rear wheel bearings.

NOTE2: These bearings will fit the following: Monster 600/620/695/696/750/900/1000/1100, Multistrada 620/1000/1100, 750ss/800ss/900SS/1000SS, 748/916/996/998, S2R800/S2R1000, ST2/ST3/ST3S/ST4/ST4S, Mh900e, 749/999, Sport Classics

NOTE3: These bearings are repackable.

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