Product 5 – Dry Clutch Packs


Product 5 – Dry Clutch Packs


NOTE: Manufacturer is backordered on 1098/1198/DS1000/DS1100 clutch packs until further notice.

Due to the dramatic increase in clutch pack prices since COVID, this is the last batch of clutches I will carry. Barnett prices have increased with each order.

Clutch Packs – Surflex Organic Clutch Pack with integral quiet clutch separator plate or Barnett Clutch packs with Kevlar Friction Material and integral quiet clutch plates

Desmo Times now has two options for discriminating Ducati enthusiasts – Surflex clutch packs from Italy and Barnett clutch packs from the US. Both clutch packs are .5 lb lighter than the stock steel friction plate setup.

Fits ALL post 1990 DRY clutch Ducatis. Surflex kit includes organic friction material on their aluminum friction plates with quiet clutch separator plate. The Barnett clutch pack includes kevlar friction material on their aluminum friction plates and steel driven plates with a simple curved plate separator design. Simple 10 minute installation. Does NOT include springs. Only for use on Aluminum clutch baskets. If you install these clutches in a steel clutch basket, they will wear prematurely. Older steel Ducati clutch baskets were black in color, while the aluminum ones are a dull light gold color.

Having trouble with your new clutch not disengaging or having trouble finding neutral? Try the following:

  1. Ensure the clutch system is fully bled
  2. Adjust your clutch lever all the way out. If you have a non-adjustable lever, purchase an adjustable one. Desmo Times sells them — look under “Billet” for the CRG levers or “Modification” for the older 12mm pivot Brembo levers.
  3. If you are installing an aftermarket slave cylinder at the same time as upgrading clutch packs, prepare for some troubleshooting. In short, try solving an equation when you change two or more variables is an effort in futility.


1. Why do you carry 2 different brands?
A very small number of Ducati enthusiasts have sworn off Barnett clutch packs after hearing stories about them wearing out. I love the Barnett clutch plates, but perception is reality, so I now have an option for those that insist they won’t use Barnett clutch packs.

2. Which one is better?
The material on the Surflex packs APPEARS to be better. I haven’t performance tested the Surflex packs to quantify how much longer they last. Besides, there are too many variables to say which clutch pack lasts longer – rider to rider habits, bike weight, type of riding, other clutch system variables, etc. The Surflex packs are new to Desmo Times effective late Feb 2008. It will take years for me to determine how they compare to the Barnett packs, but I’d hazard a guess they will last longer.

3. Why is the Surflex clutch more expensive?
First, they come from Italy, so there are much higher shipping costs. Second, the Euro vs the US Dollar. Need I say more.

4. Which one should I purchase?
That’s up to you. If I were on a tight budget and didn’t ride tens of thousands of miles each year, I’d purchase the Barnett clutch pack. If I was a racer or a guy/gal who tours in excess of 10,000 miles a year, I’d install the Surflex.

NOTE1: Surflex for DS1000/DS1100 and 1098/1198 no longer available.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Dry Clutch Pack Brand

Barnett, Surflex

Dry Clutch Pack Variant

All Except 1098/1198/DS1000/DS1100, For 1098/1198/DS1000/DS1100