Product 4 – 6000 Series Aluminum Clutch Basket for Dry Clutches


Product 4 – 6000 Series Aluminum Clutch Basket for Dry Clutches


6000 Series Aluminum Clutch Baskets for Dry Clutches

Quality 6000 Series Aluminum Clutch basket for dry clutch Ducatis. Priced right, this clutch baskets will fit all Ducatis with dry clutches.


1. How are these baskets made?

Each basket is cut out of 6000 series aluminum. A band is used to secure each “finger” of the basket to ensure that the tangs maintain their position. Standard clutch packs will simply drop into the basket.

2. Will this clutch basket/plate combo last longer than the original one? Will it last longer than other aftermarket baskets?

OEM baskets are 6000 series aluminum, so this basket will have the same approximate life span when used with a new clutch pack.

3. Will the basket be noisy like the original basket?

A new basket/clutch pack combo will be considerably quieter than a worn OEM basket . Properly set up clutches don’t rattle.

4. What kind of clutch plates are used?

You have your choice of either Barnett design clutch packs or Surflex clutch packs from Italy. Unless you’re a competitive racer, I wouldn’t pay extra for the Surflex. The Surflex plates cost approximately 25% more. I don’t know if they will last 25% longer.

5. What kind of tools are necessary to remove the old basket?

You will need a tool to hold the drum and a tool for holding the basket. The tools can be purchased here under “Clutch Products”

6. Can I use my old Ducati or other aftermarket clutch in this basket.

You can use any 12-finger clutch pack on our clutch basket. You can even use your old stock Ducati clutch pack in it. We advise against this however because if the clutch pack fingers are worn, they will wear out the clutch basket prematurely.

7. I hear a lot of people are installing slipper clutches in their Ducatis. Why don’t you sell slipper clutches?

If there was a better clutch setup, I’d sell it and use it. I’ve tried slipper clutches. Slippers are VERY sensitive to clutch pack thickness and require a lot of fiddling during setup. They are also touchy with aftermarket slave cylinders because aftermarket slaves don’t move the pressure plate the same distance. Additionally, slipper clutches wear out faster.

8. I’ve seen other baskets recommended on Ducati message boards? Are they as good?

I won’t comment on message board recommendations. I only post on my own message board. Most message boards are sponsored by vendors. When was the last time you saw an infomercial that was unbiased? The same holds true for message board posts by sponsors. Just because vendors sponsor boards doesn’t make their products better. It just means they put their money into advertising instead of product development.

9. You used to sell Pro-Cutting hard anodized clutch baskets. I don’t see them on your website any more

Pro-Cutting stopped manufacturing Ducati parts in 2019

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Weight 1.1 lbs

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