Product 71 – Head Nut Removal Tool


Head nut removal tool.

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Cylinder Head Nut Removal Tool

Head nut removal/installation tool. Fits all Ducati head nuts with 14mm or 15mm nuts. Has holes for 1/2″ drive ratchet (for removal) and torque wrench (for installation). CHECK YOUR NUT SIZE.
NOTE1:You MUST put a wrench on your head nuts first in order to determine size. Don’t order a 14mm tool when you have 15mm nuts.

NOTE2: Before removing the nuts add a good amount of liquid wrench a minimum of 2 times on to nut and engine stud surface. Let it penetrate for 12 hours. Use a open ended wrench to remove the nuts. Use the closed wrench to torque the nuts. Add plenty of grease to studs, bolts and washers. Work your way up in 4 steps 10 Nm 20 Nm 30 Nm and last step 50 Nm in a cross pattern to torque the nuts.

NOTE3: Desmo Times is not responsible for destroyed tools due to excessive force.

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14mm, 15mm