Closeout – C48 – Quick Disconnect Fittings Female

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Chrome plated brass w/viton oring – for 748, 916, 996, 998, Grand Canyon


ONLY FEMALE FITTINGS ARE IN STOCK. These fittings haven’t been used on a ducati in 20 years and sales are such that I’m not restocking them. Male fittings are all gone. Sorry. There are no plans to reorder them.

These chrome-plated brassĀ  female recepticle quick disconnects with viton orings replace the cheesy plastic quick disconnects on Ducati 748, 916, 996, 998 and Gran Canyon gas tanks. The part is identical to the OEM part. NOTE: I recommend that you also replace of the fuel lines running to the injectors. Use a 3/8″ or equivelent fuel-injection capable hoses available here. These fittings will NOT work with MTS, Sport Classic or 749/999/1098 Variants. I stock those here. These elbows won’t work on the ST series either. ST models don’t have quick disconnects. Likewise, some of the post-2000 748 models do not have quick disconnects. If you’re not sure raise your tank and look. To secure the fuel line to these fittings, you can use a worm clamp, or make your own with my clamptite tool.

NOTE1: Some customers are over-torqueing these quick disconnects upon installation and snapping them off. If you snap them off, you pay for a replacement. They should be installed hand tight only with a torque of no more than 5 Nm. Use gas-proof permatex (sold here) or gas-proof teflon wrap during installation. On the female connectors, chase the threads with a tap to remove any buildup PRIOR to installation.

NOTE2: The 998 has a different fuel hose setup, and uses a non-reusable teflon lined hose. When replacing the male connectors on the 998, order our 3/8″ replacement hose and use oetiker clamps to secure the hose at the t-fitting at the injectors. Outer diameter of our 3/8″ hose is 15.5mm. With the quick-disconnect inserted, the OD is 16.4mm.


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Male, Female

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