Closeout – C111 – Countershaft Sprockets


Steel Countershaft Sprockets


Closeout Items. If it says out of stock for the variant you want, it’s gone forever.

There are 2 styles of countershaft sprockets used on Ducatis. On the left is the style A used through 2002, with threads for the outer fixing plate. Style B of countershaft sprocket (right) doesn’t have threads for a retaining clip because it uses a large nut to retain the sprocket. The Style B sprocket is also .5mm thicker from front to back (offset).

Look at your countershaft prior to ordering

NOTE 1: 800cc and the MS4 motors sometimes have a different offset to the sprockets. In this case, mount the sprocket with the flat side towards the motor.  If that doesn’t work, you’re outta luck.

NOTE 2: Dropping a tooth in the front sprocket yields the same approximate results as increasing the size of the rear sprocket 3 teeth.

NOTE 3: It is recommended that the chain be replaced when replacing the sprockets. Worn sprockets accelerate chain wear by stretching the links in a chain.

Additional information

Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Sprocket Variant

Style A, Style B

# of Teeth

15 (OEM), 14

Tooth Pitch

520, 525

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