Product B911 – Buell Battery


Product B911 – Buell Battery

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Product Description: An indisputable leader in consistency, durability and safety, the BikeMaster TruGel battery stands alone with its unique use of Nano-Gel technology. This technology provides a vibration and shock resistant battery that doesn’t leak acid when cracked. Whether you are using this in a large displacement cruiser, ATV, sport bike, or motocross bike, the TruGel battery is designed to start every time, under the most difficult riding and weather conditions possible.

  • Only Air shippable battery on the market
  • Longer storage life on the shelf or in the bike
  • Resists vibration and impacts which can damage regular acid batteries
  • TruGel allows for strong starting in a wider range of extreme temperatures
  • Won’t leak like a wet battery, even if the case cracks
  • Can be installed at an angle
  • Has a life span that can be up to twice that of a wet battery
  • Maintains contact with all of the plates, all the time, giving more cranking power and longer life
  • Will not sulfate like a wet battery
  • Maintenance free
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty


S1, Blast, XB9R, XB12R, Ulysses
RR1000, RR1200, RSS1200, S2, S2T
S3, S3T, X1, M2

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