Product B241 – Buell Wheel Bearings


Product B241 – Buell Wheel Bearings

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These bearings are made to ISO spec in Europe and fit all the following Buells. These are the only wheel bearings that I stock. One set is needed for the front wheel and one set for the back wheel.  The higher price for the 416612 bearing set is for the rear wheel, which takes more bearings. You won’t find a replacement interval stated for wheel bearings, but I replace mine every 15,000 miles or at the first sign of rust on the bearing.

Fitment Guide – Sold as a set
410046 – XB9S Front, XB9R Front, XB12R Front, XB12S Front, 1125CR Front, 1125R Front, Ulysses Front
416607 – Blast Rear, Lightning S1 Front, X1 Front, Thunderbolt Front, Cyclone Front
416612 – XB9S Rear, XB9R Rear, XB12R Rear, XB12S Rear, 1125CR Rear, 1125R Rear, Ulysses Rear

NOTE1: These bearings are repackable

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410046, 416607, 416612