Product 160 – Starter Solenoid


Product 160 – Starter Solenoid


This starter solenoid is used on all Ducatis. It’s a simple electrical device that completes the circuit to the starter when you hit the starter button. I’ve had several of these blow out on me over the years. When the starter solenoid blows, it instantly kills the motor and it won’t start again until the solenoid is replaced. I’ve had this happen close to home and in the middle of nowhere. I now carry a spare with me under the seat just in case. This OEM starter solenoid includes the rubber shroud.

NOTE1: There are 2 variants to the starter solenoid. The early model, used until around 2002 had a white plastic plug that mounted to the solenoid (OEM 397.4.002.1A) . After 2002 Ducati switched to a variant with a wire lead that attached to the wiring harness on the bike. Check to see what variant you have prior to ordering

NOTE2: There is a small white plastic connector that plugs into the starter solenoid on the earlier model of solenoid. I zip-tie this connector in place. Should it fall out, it can simulate a solenoid failure.

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in

Early Style, Late Style