Closeout – C85 – Front Axle Tool


Front Axle tool for removal/installation of 25mm axles


This tool eliminates the fuss of front wheel removal/installation for Ducatis with hollow 25mm axles. Use it as a drift to tap axle out and then the reverse side to install axle and align holes for compression damping adjustment. T-handle in end of tool allows rotation of axle to align axle hole.

Here are the instructions I use for this tool:.

For axle removal:

  1. Remove axle nut
  2. Loosen all 4 axle pinch bolts on fork legs
  3. Insert tool (as shown in top picture)
  4. Gently tap on tool with rubber mallet until enough of axle protrudes to grab
  5. Remove axle tool
  6. Pull axle the rest of the way out.

For axle installation

  1. Insert axle through fork legs/wheel/spacer assembly
  2. Align cutout in right fork leg with the notches in the tool
  3. Tap axle the rest of the way in by gently tapping on tool with a rubber mallet
  4. TIGHTEN PINCH BOLTS ON RIGHT FORK LEG (leg opposite where the axle nut goes).
  5. Axle tool is NOT intended to be used to hold the axle in position while tightening the nut. That’s what the pinch bolts are for.
  6. Install/tighten axle nut
  7. Tighten axle pinch bolts on left fork leg

Note1: Only use a rubber hammer when using this tool. If you use a hard hammer on the tool, you will mushroom the end and ruin the tool.

Note2: Will only work on 25mm axles. Will not work on 1098/1198/1199/Streetfighter 1098/MTS12000/Diavel/Panigale models with larger front axles.

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1.5 in