Product 918 – Spiegler Kevlar Clutch/Brake Lines


Product 918 – Galfer Steel Braided Lines


For those of you with older Ducs, replacing the rubber clutch and brake lines is a nice upgrade. It eliminates hose flex during clutch and brake actuation. To check your flex, lightly wrap your thumb and first finger around a hose and slowly squeeze the lever. If you feel your hose expand, it is effecting your braking/clutching. Costs are model dependent for the single front brake/clutch line from the master cylinder or for single/dual lines exiting from the front brake master cylinder. Hose lengths approximate stock line length. Kit includes replacement banjo bolts and crush washers. Will ONLY fit stock brembo components.

NOTE1: A single front brake line is appropriate for most Ducatis, even those with 2 front brake calipers. Most Ducatis have a single front brake line exiting the master cylinder and then a “Y” that goes into each caliper.

NOTE2: If you request a different variant of brake/clutch line than came with the bike, there will be an additional custom charge of $15-$20 applied.

NOTE3: For some models only a 2-line front brake line setup is possible.

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