Product 2 – Desmoquattro Maintenance and Modification Manual – Final Edition


Product 2 – Desmoquattro Maintenance and Modification Manual – Final Edition


Desmoquattro Maintenance & Modification Guide Final Edition – All belt drive Ducatis

Covers the Following Models – 748, 749, 851, 848, 888, 916, 996, 998, 999, 1098, 1198, ST4, ST4S, S4, S4R, S4RS, L2 MTS950/L2 MTS1200/L2 MTS1260, Hypermotard/Hyperstrada 821/939/950 , Streetfighter 848/1098, Diavel, Xdiavel, Supersport 939/950, Monster 821/950/1200

  • 5th and Final Edition of this manual includes experiences from the author’s 25 years of wrenching on Ducatis.
  • Hardcopy Only. My books are NOT available digitally.
  • 397 pages, each packed with information on how to maintain & modify your Ducati.
  • 2022 Edition
  • 50% more tech content compared to previous edition.
  • Used by owners and technicians alike as a must-have maintenance resource.
  • The definitive “do it yourself” guide for maintaining your L2 belt-drive desmoquattro
  • Over 1000 Pictures.
  • Question/Answer inset boxes in each chapter with frequently asked questions.
  • Step-by-Step instruction sequences provided for periodic services.
  • Every Chapter has been enhanced and expanded to include the latest techniques and tips.
  • Inset Tips Boxes with important reminders for maintenance checks.
  • Reference section in each chapter for where to find parts and tools.
  • Recommended modifications given within each chapter.
  • Includes DVT servicing.
  • Torque Specifications given within each chapter.

NOTE1: Only for belt drive Desmoquattros – NOT for – D16RR, Panigale, V4 Ducatis or any other 4-valve Ducati without little rubber bands that move the cams round and round. 

NOTE2: This is the final edition. There will be no follow-on Desmoquattro manuals. 

NOTE3: My books are NOT available in digital format.  When they digitize you, I’ll digitize my books. 


Quotes from Satisfied Readers:

“If I had known LT’s books were this awesome, I would never have died before Ducatis were invented” – Nicola Tesla

“I may be great, but LT’s books are greater” – Alexander the Okay

“I’m so proud of him. As a child I wondered if he’d ever be able to create a sentence of more than 3 words” – LT’s Mom

“This is the go-to book for anybody thinking of wrenching on a Harley-Davidson Sportster” – A confused glue-sniffer

“The first 4 editions sucked, but this one seems to suck less” – LT’s motivational coach


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