Closeout – C139 – ST/SS Fender Eliminator Bracket

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ST/SS Fender Eliminator Bracket


I used to carry an aluminum fender eliminator kit for the ST series, but it never sold very well. When I got a chance to purchase a stock of these fender eliminators, I grabbed them. The plates are injection molded plastic and look OEM. The nice thing about this bracket is that it allows the rear turn signals to be mounted further inbore. The bracket has two holes corresponding to the stock mounting points for the fender. Holes for the license plate light and turn signal wiring are where they should be. A plug and play setup that will look factory, but eliminate the long fender. Works on all ST models and post 1998 Sport/Supersport models.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove rear turn signals (on ST models this isn’t necessary unless you plan on relocating stock turn signals).
  2. On SS models, detach turn signal leads from wiring harness at the quick disconnect.
  3. Disconnect quick disconnect for license plate light.
  4. Remove screws holding stock fender to underside of bike.
  5. Remove screws holding plate light from OEM fender and remove light from housing.
  6. Mount turn signals to mounts on the DT fender eliminator bracket.
  7. Insert the license plate light through large hole above license plate mount and fasten.
  8. Use OEM bolts to attach the DT bracket to the subframe mount.
  9. Reattach lights to their quick disconnects. Enjoy.

NOTE1: Do not hang anything other than the license plate from the fender eliminator. Hanging heavy license plate frames will stress the plastic of the fender eliminator.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in