Desmo Times Maintenance Seminar


Desmo Times Maintenance Seminar for all Belt Drive Ducatis


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There are NO further seminars planned. After hosting them for more than 10 years, I have retired from the endeavor. Best wishes to all of the attendees and thank you for your support. 


Comments from attendees:

What did you like about the seminar?

  • “Meeting new Ducatista, the chance to perform some of the maintenance tasks hands on, the free flow of Q & A, the way the hands-on made the manual much more understandable, the chance to see what tasks I would be comfortable w/ those that I would not be comfortable with.
  • “We got to learn first hand from an expert a lot of information about maintaining Ducati motorcycles. I wanted to see the tools and procedures for general maintenance along with some hands on with the valves and I got that. I’m sure that I am among many who’ve made it way too difficult in my own head to work on Ducatis and that just doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.
  • “The seminar was very well thought out and presented. It offered something for everyone who attended. In our class, there were guys who had previous experience wrenching and then there were some who wanted to gain the basic knowledge of performing maintenance tasks where we had to overcome the fear of working on our own bikes. I was in the latter group and I walked away with a much better understanding of what was involved and how to perform the tasks correctly and If I decide not to do the work myself, I now know what qustions to ask my Ducati terchnican.
  • “The topics were right on target for what my interests needed. I felt that my little bit of knowledge was supplemented and expanded to the point I have more information and confidence when i perform maintenance on the bikes.
  • “The ability to perform a hands on inspection and view the components of different engines & bikes without having to tear down your own bike is excellent. The class is a great opportunity to bridge the gap between the repair manual and actually performing the maintenance. It is difficult to pick up the nuances of little things to look out for while having the bike apart while just referring to a book. Having customer bikes to look at how components look and wear over time & miles is helpful in getting a feel for what to look out for in maintaining your own bike. The class is also an excellent opportunity to meet other people with similar motorcycling interests to share their riding, maintenance, dealership and overcharged credit card purchase experiences associated with the Ducati lifestyle. I would definitely recommend this class to friends whether or not they were ever interested in performing their own maintenance.
  • “Very well structured, organized and timed. After all LT is a teacher. It filled the gaps in my knowledge that the manual (and pictures) was a little fuzzy on. Can’t wait for the new book. All the people were great. Potato salad.

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