The Full Monty


The Full Monty


The Full Monty includes the 6000 Series Clutch Basket with either a Barnett or Surflex clutch pack. Fits ALL post 1990 Dry Clutch Ducatis. Kit includes friction plates and steel plates (to include one curved plate). Also included is a premium machined Pressure plate (with throwout bearing), Spyder Retainer, stainless steel springs and a Billet or OEM style hub.

You save $30 by ordering this combo


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in
Product 5 - Clutch Pack Brand/Variant

Barnett All Except 1098/1198/DS1000/DS1100, Barnett For 1098/1198/DS1000/DS1100, Surflex All Except 1098/1198/DS1000/DS1100, Surflex For 1098/1198/DS1000/DS1100

Product 9 - Pressure Plate Color

Red, Black, Silver, Gold

Product 10 - Spyder Retainer Color

Red, Black, Gold, Silver

Product 11- Clutch Hub Variant

OEM, Billet

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