Product 336 – Rocker Holder Tool 2V 7mm-8mm


Product 336 – Rocker Holder Tool 2V 7mm-8mm


This tool can be used on all 2-Valve 8mm heads and limited number of 2V-7mm Heads.

Designed to provide leverage needed to hold down the closing rocker arm to remove half rings and change out closer shims.

Made in USA of 1018 Steel.

Will not damage rocker surface.

This tool is compatible with the following Models.

All 2V-8 mm Heads which includes: Monster/SS 600, 620, 750, and 900.  Multi 620, S2R-800 (05′-06′), Paso, and ST-2.

The following 2V-7 mm Heads: Monster 695, Monster S2R-800, 1000, 1100, Multi 1000, 1100, Supersport 1000, Sport Classic 1000 (all models)

Does NOT work with 696, 796, and all 1100EVO Motors.


Additional information

Weight .072 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in