Product 333 – 7mm Closer Shim Assembly Tool


Product 333 – 7mm Closer Shim Assembly Tool


Testestretta Motors Only

This tool is used to seat the closer shim when they fit tight around the half rings or MBP retainers.

Ducati changed the fit of the closer shim/half rings and sometimes the tight fit makes it difficult to get the closer shim to seat all the way onto the half rings. This tool simply acts as a puller to pull up on the closer shim and seat it.

Note:  On some motors the opening rocker arm rotates up and out of way so the tool can be used without removing the opening rocker arm.  On other models, the rocker arm does not rotate out of the way.  In this case, the opening rocker must be removed before the tool can be used.

Fits the following motors:

  • 749
  • 998
  • 999
  • 848
  • 1098
  • 1198
  • Multistrada 4V
  • Diavel
  • Xdiavel
  • V2 Streetfighters
  • Panigale 1199, 1299

Additional information

Weight .090 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in