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Ducati Buyer’s Guide Description – Regular Price $12.99

  • Covers every Ducati manufactured from 1990-2017
    • Owner’s viewpoint provided
    • Riding impression
    • “Things to Watch” for each model
    • Specifications for each model
    • 101 pages, Over 200 Pictures
    • Each model evaluated quantitatively to provide comparisons
    • Priced right – you can’t even buy a set of spark plugs for a DS1000 this cheap
    • Gloss Cover and properly bound so it won’t fall apart

Desmodue/Desmodue Maintenance & Modification Guide – Regular Price $39.99

  • Covers every Desmodue/Desmotre made since 1990
  • 290 pages of awesomeness
  • 2019 Edition
  • Used by owners and technicians alike as a must-have maintenance resource.
  • The definitive “do it yourself” guide for maintaining your desmodue/desmotre.
  • Fourth edition of this manual includes experiences from the author’s 22 years of wrenching on Ducatis.
  • Over 900 Pictures.
  • Covers all years of 907ie, Gran Canyon, 2-valve Monsters, 2-valve Sport, 2-valve Supersport, MHe, ST2, ST3, 2-valve Multistradas, 2-valve Hypermotards and 2-valve Scramblers.
  • Question/Answer inset boxes in each chapter with frequently asked questions.
  • Step-by-Step instruction sequences provided for basic services.
  • Every Chapter has been enhanced and expanded to include the latest techniques and tips.
  • Inset Tips Boxes with important reminders for each maintenance check.
  • Reference section in each chapter for where to find parts and tools.
  • Recommended modifications given within each section.
  • Torque Specifications given within each chapter.


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