Book Combo Deal – Desmodue/Desmotre Maintenance Guide + Motorcycle Essentials

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A Combo Deal for those wanting both the maintenance guide for their model of Ducati AND my Motorcycle Essentials book. See below for details.

Desmodue/Desmodue Maintenance & Modification Guide –

  • Covers every Desmodue/Desmotre made since 1990
  • 290 pages of awesomeness.
  • 2019 Edition
  • Used by owners and technicians alike as a must-have maintenance resource.
  • The definitive “do it yourself” guide for maintaining your desmodue/desmotre.
  • Fourth edition of this manual includes experiences from the author’s 22 years of wrenching on Ducatis.
  • Over 900 Pictures.
  • Covers all years of 907ie, Gran Canyon, 2-valve Monsters, 2-valve Sport, 2-valve Supersport, MHe, ST2, ST3, 2-valve Multistradas, 2-valve Hypermotards and 2-valve Scramblers.
  • Question/Answer inset boxes in each chapter with frequently asked questions.
  • Step-by-Step instruction sequences provided for basic services.
  • Every Chapter has been enhanced and expanded to include the latest techniques and tips.
  • Inset Tips Boxes with important reminders for each maintenance check.
  • Reference section in each chapter for where to find parts and tools.
  • Recommended modifications given within each section.
  • Torque Specifications given within each chapter.


Motorcycle Essentials – 2023 Edition

A compilation of new and updated articles written by me for motorcycle magazines over the years. In essence, it’s my swan song of writing in the field of moto-journalism. The table of contents should provide enough of an overview to give prospective readers the gist of the book. Shipping NOW.


  • 275 pages of awesomeness
  • Softbound 8.5″x11″
  • Not available digitally
  • Over 250 black and white photos
  • Covers the gamut of topics for both new and veteran riders
  • Includes tips and techniques for squashing common problems that riders face
  • Sets up riders for a lifetime in the saddle.
  • Enduring content that has stood the test of time in terms of relevance to the sport of motorcycling

Chapter 1—Starting Out: The Beginner Rider
Chapter 2—Advanced Riders
Chapter 3—Female Riders
Chapter 4—Purchasing a New or Used Motorcycle
Chapter 5—Motorcycle Ergonomics
Chapter 6—Selling a Motorcycle
Chapter 7—Motorcycle Collections
Chapter 8—Multiple Bike Disorder
Chapter 9—Motorcycle Clubs
Chapter 10—Motorcycle Fitness & Coping with Injuries
Chapter 11—Solo Riding
Chapter 12—Aftermarket Hell
Chapter 13—Garages & Workshops
Chapter 14—How to Get Your Significant Other Involved
Chapter 15—Rider Archetypes
Chapter 16—Combat Touring
Chapter 17—Off-Road Riding
Chapter 18—Motorcycle Restoration
Chapter 19– Trackbikes & Trackdays
Chapter 20—Wrenching Endeavors
Chapter 21—Essential Tech
Chapter 22—Preparing for Winter & Spring
Chapter 23—The World of Motorcycling – Data and Trends

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