Product 934 – Engine Ice


Product 934 – Engine Ice

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Water cooled Ducatis run HOT. I’ve done many things over the years to cool things down, including my fan upgrade kits, remote fan switches, and, finally, propylene glycol coolant. Engine Ice touts that their product runs 50 degrees F cooler than standard ethylene coolant. I’ve found this claim to be optimistic. I’ve achieved results closer to 10-15 degrees cooler. Still, this simple change is worthwhile, particularly if you ride your Ducati in the heat. Engine Ice is premixed with de-ionized water and is ready to use. The 1/2 gallon (1.9L) bottle is ALMOST sufficient to fill any Ducati cooling system, but you need to to fill up the system. If you’re on the cheap, you can top off the Engine Ice with deionized water rather than purchase 2 of them, but to have a pure Engine Ice solution, you need to purchase two.

The formula is non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate free, and protects cooling systems up to 256F and freeze protection to -26F. Directions are included on the side of the bottle. Engine Ice is NOT compatible with standard coolant. Simply drain your coolant. Flush the system with water, and then add the engine ice. Like other coolants, Engine Ice should be replaced every 2 years. Unlike the OEM coolant, Engine Ice won’t congeal and clog overflow lines and the overflow bottle.

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