Product 919 – Bike Master MG12B-4 Post-2001 OEM Battery


Product 919 – Bike Master MG12B-4 Post-2001 OEM Battery


Ducati 2001+ OEM battery. Bike Master Tru Gel MG12B-4. Replaces YT12B-BS or GT12B-4

10 AMP/Hour, weight 9.5 pounds. Fits most post-2000 Ducatis.

Product Description:

TruGel Battery Features: •Gel electrolyte powersport battery.
•Has a much longer storage life on the shelf or in the bike.
•Resists vibration and impacts which damage regular wet batteries.
•Works better at lower and higher temperatures than a wet battery.
•Will not leak like a wet battery, even if the case cracks.
•Can be installed at any angle.
•Has a lifespan that can be up to twice that of a wet battery.
•Maintains contact with all of the plates, all the time, giving more cranking power and longer life.
•Will not sulfate like a wet battery.
•Two-year manufacturer’s warranty.
•Note: Will require charging during prolonged storage periods.

Additional information

Weight 9.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in