Product 67 – Factory Pro Shift Detent Kit


Product 67 – Factory Pro Shift Detent Kit


Here’s a product I scratched my head over at first. I’ve been dealing with hard to find neutrals and false neutrals for decades on my Ducatis. I just thought it was a “Ducati thing”. Along comes the Factory Pro Shift Kit. This simple bearing and spring controls how the transmission engages and shifts. It looks simple but it WORKS. No more hard shifting, no more searching for neutral and no more false neutrals. The only downside to the product was the cost and the installation instructions. I couldn’t do anything about the cost but I could do something about the incomplete installation instructions included with the kit. I spent 5 hours taking pictures and writing up the installation process, including tips on conducting a complete clutch inspection and service. My detailed instruction manual includes 31 pictures and an excellent writeup to walk you every step of the process. If you can change out a clutch basket, you can do this install. Fits all Ducatis from 1990-2012 and some later models. Download parts catalog from Ducati site for your application and see the part # below.

NOTE 1: Replaces part # 455.2.003.1A.

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in