Product 904 – Ratcheting Tie-Downs


Product 904 – Ratcheting Tie-Downs


Finally a set of ratcheting tie-downs worthy of Desmo Times. As a 30-year veteran of sport-towing, I’ve been through enough crappy tie-downs to last a lifetime. Behold the solution. These beefy tie-downs sport a caribiner at one end to prevent the hook from slipping out when facing bumps in the road (yup, been there done that when the bike fell over in the bed of the truck because a tie down hook came loose), they are a full 72 inches long and include a soft hook at the end attaching to the bike to prevent marring. The ratchet is a beefy mechanism with a wide ratchet. I’ve used them since 2016 on all my bikes and ended up throwing all my old tie downs in the trash can. I love them. I hope you will too.

• Patent Pending heavy-duty karabiner hooks
• Longr 72in x 1.5in aircraft quality nylon straps with 2000lbs straight tension strength
• Limited lifetime warranty against manufacture defects
• Ratcheting type buckles

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Weight 4 lbs