Product 74 – Desmo Times Fan Switch Kit


Product 74 – Pre-Testa Water-Cooled Desmo Fan Switch Kit


The Desmo Times Fan Switch Kit – $55 for Wiring Kit ($10 extra for Superbike Bracket)


1. What is the purpose of this fan kit?
The fan relay comes on much later than I would like. I prefer my fans to come on BEFORE the engine gets to 200-220 degrees F. Optimal operating temperature is 170-185 degrees F. The answer would be a fan that I could manually control. I developed this fan/switch setup and have been using it for 20 years on four of my water-cooled Ducatis (748, 916, ST2, 888) and have been installing such kits on customer bikes for since then as well. Everyone raves about the functionality. With my kit you can turn on your cooling fan whenever you wish – at stop lights, when parked, or any time you wish to keep your engine from reaching stratospheric temps.

2. What does the kit provide?
The kit is all inclusive of all parts necessary – including wiring (14 Gauge – more than enough to handle the 4.6 Amps the fan draws and heavier than the existing wiring to the fan), black spiral wiring cover, marine-grade wiring connectors, fuselink, zip-ties, carbon finish rocker switch with cover, and a triple tree bracket with 3M tape (model dependent). The connectors are marine grade shrink-fit connectors. The top triple tree doesn’t have to be removed to accomplish this, and the bracket makes the switch look OEM. For the ST model, a hole will be drilled in the left fairing inner panel for the switch.

3. Is installation easy?
I’d consider the effort a 2 out of 5 in terms of difficulty (a 1 of 5 is changing the oil). It takes a novice about an hour to install the kit. Complete instructions are included.

4. Are there any downsides to installing the fan kit?
The kit does NOT eliminate the existing relay circuit on the bike. The only potential downside is if you leave the fan on when you turn off the bike. I’ve never had a customer have this happen, nor have I experienced it. Still, the fan draws as much as the low beam, so leaving the fan on for a period of time without the motor running will drain the battery. The fan makes enough noise to notice it when the engine isn’t running.

5. Will the fan kit fit work on any water-cooled Ducati?
The fan kit will work on most water-cooled Desmos with single cooling fans – It work on the S4/S4R/S4RS/998/749/999/848/1098 etc. but those models have ECUs that sense if the fan is on and will trigger a fault light if the fan is on without the relay having triggered it.

6. How cool will the fan keep my bike?
While results differ depending on the bike and the level of engine modification, I can say that none of my bikes have hit 210 degrees — and I live in one of the hottest climates known to mankind (Florida). By turning on the fan prior to the bike reaching 180 degrees F, I find that I keep engine temps down below 190 degrees F most of the time. Sitting in 90 degree ambient temps with 90 percent humidity, the fan will keep the bike at 200 degrees indefinitely. Keeping the bike cooler is particularly useful on 748-998 superbikes to prevent the expansion tank from over-pressurizing/superheating and splitting the seam. Those of you that have had leaking expansion tanks can relate.

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Fan Switch Kit W/O Bracket, Fan Switch Kit With Superbike Bracket