Closeout – C127 – Stainless Steel Brake Rotor Bolts


Rotor Bolts for all Ducatis


The stock rotor bolts on Pre-2000 Ducatis typically consisted of small 4mm allen-headed bolts that strip easily. The problem was due to the small allen head size. After 2000 Ducati began first using an upgraded bolt with a 6mm allen-head. The newer bolts resisted stripping, but the zinc chromate finish tarnished. Ducati then switched to a torx-headed bolt and began using loctite to prevent the bolts from being removed. I ditch all the bolts on the front rotors to prevent the Ducati bolts from seizing inside the wheel.

My bolts are Stainless Steel 316 panhead bolts that look great, won’t strip, won’t tarnish, and are 1/3 the cost of titanium bolts. The head has a 5mm allen-head.

Pre-2003 Ducatis used a 20mm long shaft, while 2003+ bikes have a 15mm shaft. If you insist that stainless bolts are best used elsewhere, you can order our Titanium rotor bolts here.

Ensure 1 drop (and one drop only) of low strength loctite is used on each bolt during reassembly. Too much loctite can cause rotor bolts to seize in the wheel, thus destroying it. Another option is to use a dab of antiseize paste (lower torque 10%) or use a lock-washer.

Indicate shaft length when ordering.

6 bolts come with each set. 2 sets are necessary to do a front wheel. 3 sets are needed to do a front and back wheel.

Note 1: Will not work on Ducati rear wheels that used the stock steel rotor bolts to actuate the speedo sensor.

Pictured here: On the left a Pre-2000 rotor bolt. This bolt had a 20mm shaft length. On the right, the upgraded Ducati bolt with a 6mm allen head. This bolt had a 20mm shaft length prior to 2003 and a 15mm shaft length thereafter. In 2005 Monsters began coming with shallow torx-head 20mm shaft length bolts.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × .5 in
Bolt Length

15mm, 20mm