Closeout – C39 – Titanium Header Wrap


Titanium Header Wrap


50 Feet of premium DEI Header wrap. I’ve been using this header wrap for years on my machines. It doesn’t fade like other colors/brands, is easy to use and will last as long as you have the bike. Comes with 4 steel exhaust ties. The length is enough to wrap the header on any bike.

Q: LT, I heard that header wrap is bad for the headers?
A: I prefer to polish any stainless header, but if the header is dinged or scarred, I wrap them. The criticism of exhaust wrap is that it hold in moisture and if the header gets wet the wrap can cause rust. Others have opined that header wrap holds in the heat, which further fatigues the metal of the header. I’ve yet to experience such fatigue… or rust. That being said, if you ride in the rain a lot, I don’t know if I’d be using header wrap.

Q: LT, I’ve seen some crap looking header wraps. Is that a function of poor installation or poor quality wrap?
A: Bad looking header wrap is a function of 3 things. First, the installation could have been haphazard. Installation needs to be done with the header OFF the bike. I wrap mine with the header inserted into a soft-jawed vice. I take my time, and wrap it slowly. There are numerous Youtube videos for how to accomplish good looking headers. Second, the wrap quality could have been shoddy. The ONLY wrap I’ve found to stand the test of time and still look good is the DEI titanium wrap. All others, including black or white look like hell after as little as 6 months. Third, the header wrap needs to be protected. If the front wheel continues to throw up rain and grit, it will all stick to the header wrap and degrade the material.

Q: Does header wrap reduce the temperatures hitting the rider’s legs?
A: Yes it does. It depends on the model of the bike, but the header wrap forces heat towards the exhaust cannister and away from the rider.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in