Product B242 – Buell Brake Pads


Product B242 – Buell Brake Pads

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Rear Brake Pads

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    Rear Brake Pads
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Galfer/EBC Kevlar/Organic Brake Pads

Galfer Brake Pads are reliable, provide feel without fading, require minimal bed in time, and are easy on the rotor due to their kevlar/organic design. The OEM sintered-metal brake pads are very hard on rotors. If you have wear lines on your rotors, the cause is grit and/or the OEM brake pads. These kevlar/organic pads are the best you can get for street or track use. Indicate year and model of bike when ordering.

NOTE1: Clean rotors with contact cleaner and a scotchbrite pad prior to installing new brake pads.

General Note: Due to continuing problems with supply of particular Galfer brake pads, I reserve the right to fill your order with similarly constructed brake pads from competing vendors such as EBC. In short, filling your order is more important than seeing the Galfer Brand stamped on the back of the pad. I use Ferodo and EBC Organic pads as substitutes. If organic pads are not available, I will fill with HH pads.

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