Product 237 – Kreem Combo Pack


Product 237 – Kreem Combo Pack


Kreem Fuel Tank Liner Kit – $38.99

Kreem is the original fuel tank liner kit. I’ve used successfully many times to keep old tanks alive. So long as there are no fuel drips on seams, Kreem will solve your rusty tank issues. Kreem is ONLY for use on Metal tanks. This kit includes the tank wash (16 oz), conditioner/dryer (8 oz) and tank liner formulas (16 0z). The tank liner bottle states it will seal a 3 gallon tank but I’ve used that amount to seal tanks up to 6 gallons. I sealed a ’92 900ss tank over 15 years ago and it’s still running rust free.

Anyone that has complained about Kreem products didn’t install it correctly. Youtube abounds in video instructional videos on how to use Kreem products. So if you have rust in your metal tank, this will fix it. If you don’t have rust, its because you kept your tank completely full of gas and used gas dryer to ensure no water collected in the bottom of the tank. Good boy !!

NOTE: Cannot ship this product outside of the USA.

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