Product 236 – Chain Saver Lubricant


Product 236 – Chain Saver Lubricant


A high-performance, O-ring safe chain lubricant, utilizes a patented formulation, so it resists dirt or will not fling off the chain. It can help chains and sprockets last up to five times longer.

  • Goes on wet. Sets up to a clean, dry wax film which will resist dirt and grime
  • Will not absorb abrasive contaminants including paper dust, mill powders, lint and grass
  • Patented self-cleaning technology sheds contaminants to minimize or prevent abrasive wear
  • Helps chains work better and last longer
  • Formulated for chains and cables used in high contamination or wet environments
  • Safe on sealed chains using O-rings, Z-rings, etc. comprised of Buna-N or nitrile rubbers
  • Highly resistant to water wash-off and won’t fling off
  • Water repelling which helps protect against rust and corrosion
  • Organic, non-staining molybdenum enhances boundary lubrication and delivers extreme pressure performance
  • Ensures smoother, more efficient operation and longer chain life
  • NSF H-2 Listed
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees F (149 degrees C)
  • 13 oz.
  • Made in USA

NOTE: Cannot ship this product outside of the USA.

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Weight 1 lbs