Product 236 – Silkolene Titanium Chain LubeChain Dry Lube


Product 236 – Chain Lube


Non fling PTFE boosted Chain Lubricant. Suitable for Road & Off Road use. This hyper strong PTFE boosted formula resists high speed fling-off while providing exceptional anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance even in severe conditions. Silkolene Titanium Dri-Gel protects your chain, leaving it with a white “as new” finish. For all chains including “O” and “X” ring types.

NOTE1: I apply sparingly to the inside of a clean warm chain. For best results leave overnight before use.

NOTE2: I use WD40 and a rag to clean the chain prior to use, and use compressed air to blow out any offending particles of grease prior to using the dry lube.

NOTE3: It’s impossible to get lube in between the orings and the link rollers. What you can do it protect the chain from rust and minimize chain stiction by applying this dry lube.

I cannot ship this product outside of the USA.

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Weight 1 lbs