Product 217 – Billet +1 Sidestand” for Ducati Superbikes


Product 217 – Billet +1″ Sidestand for Superbikes



Our 1″ longer billet sidestand is available in silver or black. If your sidestand looks like the silver one in the picture gallery this sidestand will work with your bike. It will also fit the 749 and 999. If your sidestand doesn’t look like that, it will NOT fit. See Q/A below for more guidance.

I’ve been trying to get these longer sidestand made for several years, and now have these available. You need a spring hook tool to install these, so if you don’t have one, you can purchase one in the tools section. Available in Black or Silver.


1. What is the advantage of this sidestand?

Simple – so that your Ducati doesn’t lean over like the Tower of Piza on it’s sidestand. I have an aftermarket sidestand on every one of my Ducatis, either because the bike leaned over too much on the stock sidestand from the factory or because I decided to raise the back end of the bike to quicken steering. This sidestand is 1 inch longer (25.4mm) and prevents the bike from leaning over dangerously on the sidestand. What is the danger of the bike leaning over too much? First, the more the bike leans over, the more weight is on the sidestand. This is dangerous when parking on tarmac because the sidestand can punch through the surface. With a longer sidestand, less weight is applied to the sidestand and it is less likely to punch through softer surfaces. Second, it takes a lot more effort to straighten up a bike that leans heavily. Riders have pulled muscles and strained themselves trying to muscle bikes off the sidestand.

2. Are there any downsides to this sidestand?

The only possible downside would be if the bike sits too upright with the +1″ sidestand, thus increasing the chance of a tipover. By raising the rear ride height slightly, this problem is eliminated.

3. Will other variants be made for other models?

We plan on making a variant for the ST series by 2011. No other variants are planned.

4. How do I install the sidestand?

I Install it as follows:

  1. Put bike on a rear stand.
  2. Use a spring hook tool to remove the spring from the sidestand BEFORE removing the sidestand bracket. Note the orientation of the spring bracket that attaches to the backside of the sidestand bracket.
  3. Remove the sidestand switch (if necessary).
  4. Loosen the sidestand bolt/nut.
  5. Remove the sidestand from the brack (if necessary to remove sidestand bolt/nut- not all models require this).
  6. Install new sidestand and reattach sidestand switch.
  7. Put sidestand in up position and reattach spring/spring bracket.
  8. Test the functioning of sidestand while on rear stand, ensuring the bolt/nut are secure.
  9. Test to see how much the bike is leaning over on the sidestand. If the bike does NOT lean over enough with the billet sidestand, loosen the locknuts on the rear suspension control rod and make it longer. That will raise the back end of the bike and increase how much the bike leans over. Raising the back end a little will have NO detrimental effects in terms of handling. As a matter of fact, it will quicken steering and most owners will find the bike easier to haul through turns.

5. Is the sidestand compatible with the sidestand switch?

Yes it is. On the 749/999, the sidestand switch mounts to the backside of the sidestand. There is a machined hole on the backside of the billet sidestand for this fitment. On other models, the sidestand switch mounts to the front side of the sidestand.


NOTE1: For the 749/999, you must source a sidestand mounting bracket for a 748, 916, 996 or 998. eBay or Ducati Depot are good sources.

NOTE2: the gallery picture shows a 916-style sidestand on my 888. If you source a 748-998 sidestand bracket from eBay or elsewhere, you can bolt up that variant of sidestand and use our billet sidestand on your 851/888. Other models require a different type of sidestand.

NOTE3: An adjustable stop screw allows for adjustment of the “up” position of the sidestand. Use locktite to secure the stop screw once set where you want it.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 1 in

Silver, Black

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