Product 192 – Driven D3 Grips


Product 192 – Driven D3 Grips


When I saw a Ducati with a set of Billet Rizoma grips I drooled… and then got depressed. They were expensive (around $80), and rather hard to come by. Flash forward 2 years and I came across a US company that made similar grips. Driven’s D3 grips are well made. They include two billet collars for accents. The collars fit around the full length rubber grip, and are held in place with raised ribs for enhanced pleasure. The rubber sleeve is thicker and softer than the OEM grips. For example, the OD on the OEM grips is 31mm. With the D3 grips, the OD 34mm. The sleeve slides right on standard 7/8″ diameter bars on all Ducatis. Like the OEM grips, the Driven grips are 120mm long. The exposed rubber portion for your hand is 66mm wide. You can purchase grip glue here if you’re paranoid about the grips sliding around. Available in Silver, Red, Gold and Black

NOTE1: For fitment on most Ducatis, the thin raised plastic outer edge on the throttle sleeve must be dremeled flush. It takes about 30 seconds with a dremel tool and a sanding wheel to accomplish this.

NOTE2: Available in Black Only

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

Red, Black, Gold, Silver

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