Product 173 – Safety Wire


Product 173 – Safety Wire

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I’ve safety wired just about everything at one time or another – from banjo bolts to sprocket nuts, to oil filters and fill plugs, etc. Safety wire offers peace of mind that the fastener won’t fall out. There are techniques for safety wiring, and it all begins with the right wire and the right safety wire pliers. I use .032″ (1.06mm) thick safety wire. The wire is thick enough to be strong, yet thin enough to bend around any fastener. Instead of just offering a roll of wire, I also have the option to purchase the wire in 10 ft lengths. It takes about a foot of wire to wire the standard fastener. Don’t ask me how many feet come in the roll, because it only gives the weight of 1 pound (.45 KG). The pliers are a once in a lifetime purchase. They’re constructed of steel, with a spring-loaded grip. Included is the article I wrote for MCN on how to safety wire.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in
Safety Wire

10 Ft Roll, 1 Lb Can

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