Product 167 – 851/888 Fairing Fastener Kit


Product 167 – Chrome Fairing Fastener Kit 851/888


After taking off the fairing on my 888 a few times, I decided to replace the fasteners…. but there was a problem. I couldn’t find fasteners that were similar. After a long search I found what I was looking for – Chrome allen-head fasteners that fit perfectly. These chrome fasteners have a 4mm allen head, and a low profile, just like the OEM fasteners. I also sourced the hard-to-find plastic washers that go behind the fasteners and protect the paint. Included is a set of 22 fasteners and 22 plastic washers. The kit is enough to replace the following:

front top fairing – 6 fasteners (+ an additional 4 if, like me, you ditched the stock mirrors).

side fairing panels – 8 fasteners (includes replacement of the larger button and screw on the mid-panel)

tail fairing – 4 fasteners

Total kit = 22 fasteners + 22 washers.

Additional information

Weight .70 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in