Product 163 – Thermal Fan Switch for 748/916/996

Product 163 – Thermal Fan Switch for 748/916/996

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This fan switch replaces the OEM switch to lower the operating temperature of your Ducati.

OEM: Fan turns on at 197°, fans turns off at 188°

Aftermarket Switch: Fan turns on at 179°, fan turns off at 152°

The idea with this switch is to keep your fan on as much as possible in the normal operating range to ensure no chance of over heating, but unlike manual fan switches this will ensure your fan is always turned off when the bike is off.

This kit includes the switch, new crush gasket, and 2 spade fittings.

This kit will require you to clip off the OEM plug, strip the wire, and crimp the wire into the new spade fittings.

Switch is made in Italy

Fits the Following models: 748, 916, 996

NOTE1: Will NOT fit any other models. On other models of Ducatis, the fan is turned on by the ECU, NOT a thermal switch

NOTE2: If you have a different model and order this, a restocking fee will be charged.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

Y Connector, T Connector