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Product 162 – Seal Saver Fork Slider Protectors

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Closeout item – Only Short variant in stock

Seal Saver Fork Slider Protector – Sold in Sets of 2

The first Ducati I ever purchased was a ’96 M900. After putting 12000 miles on the bike, I decided to have the forks revalved and sent them off to Traxxion Dynamics to have the work done. I got a call shortly thereafter informing me that the slider area of both forks was pitted from stones… essentially, the forks were ruined. I could have had the sliders rechromed, but that was expensive. Instead I purchased a used set of forks off of ebay and installed them on my Monster. After that happened I became paranoid about the fork seals on my other bikes. In particular, my touring bike, a Cagiva Gran Canyon, had exposed fork sliders. I purchased a set of neoprene fork gaitors that wrapped around the fork tube and attached with velcro. The gaitors worked well, but the velcro attachment didn’t look very nice. Since then, I’ve been looking for a set of gaitors that fit the forks better. That search is ended.

Seal Savers are neoprene gaitors that slide over the fork tube and are secured to the fork leg with an enclosed zip tie. The slider area is completely protected from road grime and debris. The fork tube moves up and down over the slider, which stays covered by the gaitor. This solution is ready-made for Ducati models where the fork slider is at least partially exposed, including all Monsters, the Mh900e and Sport Classics, and the MTS. To check for your level of protection, bend down in front of the front tire and look at the leading edge of your forks. If any portion of the slider is visible through the front fender, you are at risk. It may not happen to you, but it did to me. These gaitors would have prevented my Monster forks from getting ruined.

Seal Savers come in Black. Fits all Ducati with USD forks. Also appropriate for the Cagiva Gran Canyon. The Seal Savers slide over the top of the fork legs and stretch down the fork tubes. Therefore, to fit, the forks must be removed to install the gaitors.

Fitment Guide:

All standard forks = standard seal savers
All long-travel forks (Hypermotard/Hyperstrada/MTS series) = long seal savers

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