Product 155a – Pro-Bolt Windscreen Fastener kit


Product 155a – Pro-Bolt Windscreen Fastener kit – includes 9 Anodized screws, washers, and rubber OEM wellnuts

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The stock windscreen fasteners used on most Ducatis are a PAIN to remove. Instead of using a standard allen-socket head, Ducati used their own star-head screw. This kit from Pro-Bolt is designed for Ducatis, and includes 9 screws, with washers and OEM wellnuts. I don’t sell the wellnuts separately. The kits come in silver and black anodized aluminum screws (gold no longer available). Best yet, the head of the Pro-Bolt screws accept a standard-allen wrench. Don’t be fooled by cheap windcreen kits that have either plastic fasteners or non-Ducati spec wellnuts. Other kits from other vendors have the standard oversized wellnuts that are bulbous. This kit is for windscreens using the small fasteners. Pre-99 Sport/Supersport and all 851/888 used a larger wellnut and fasteners available here. The kit will NOT work on ST models. ST models use longer fasteners that you can purchase using Product 150.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × .5 in

Gold, Black, Silver