Product 124 – Rocket Fuel Additive


Product 124 – Cal Products Rocket Fuel Octane Booster


This 1 oz tube of additive boosts the octane rating of a tank of gas 4-7 points. Compatible with fuel injection systems, Carburetors and fuel lines. Requires no mixture adjustment. Protects valves and seats. Will not harm gaskets or o-rings. Rocket Fuel provides a more complete and thorough burn of fuel mixture to release full torque and power, while providing protection to internal head components by seeking out hot spots and adhering to them. Variations in gasoline, atmosphere, mechanical components, and operation will result in a difference of effectiveness.


1. Does this stuff really work?
I’ve been using on the street in a variety of bikes, and my “seat of the pants” feel is yes, it makes a difference. Have I quantified it on a dyno? No. It works particularly well on gas that has sat in the tank for several months.

2. Does my Ducati really need it?
Ducatis aren’t prone to predetonation – the cause of pinging – because they don’t have high compression pistons. However, if you’ve been running 86-87 octane and want to see what a difference there is compared to 93-94 octane, drop in a tube of Rocket Fuel. Some motorcycles will see no benefit at all, while others will notice immediate improvement. Therefore, I recommend you use only as needed. When you get bad gas – put it in. I keep a tube of Rocket Fuel (and a Tums) in my tankbag in case I get a dose of bad gas when on the road.

3. Will Rocket Fuel harm my engine?
The verbiage on the label says no. I’ve been using it periodically to no ill effect. I haven’t tested it for hundreds of thousands of miles.

4. Can I get my money back if I don’t like it?
Yes, I will refund your $2.2, and charge you $5 to mail the refund back to you. 🙂

5. Will Rocket Fuel make me faster?
Probably not, but it won’t make you any slower either.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1.5 × 1 in