Product 116a – 900SS Rear Axle Adjuster Bolts


Product 116a – 900SS Rear Axle Adjuster Bolts for ’91’98 SS models with Aluminum Swingarms


’91-’98 Ducati 900SS Axle Adjuster Bolts- set of 2

These M8 Stainless Steel (A4-70 Grade) bolts replace the stock rusty crappy bolts on Ducati 900SS/SP models with Aluminum Swingarms. Reuse your stock brass nuts. A common malady on 900SS models is the adjuster bolts rust and seize inside the swingarm. These stainless bolts will resist corrosion. Apply a coating of moly lube or grease when replacing.

NOTE1: If your bolts have already seized here’s the fix.

  1. First, do NOT try to force them out or you’ll snap off the head of the bolts and then have to get a machinist to drill them out.
  2. Remove Swingarm
  3. Locate holes on either side of swingarm used for chain sliders or rear brake line anchor points. Spray in a few ounces of your favorite anti-seize penetrating solvent.
  4. Lean the swingarm against the wall with the rear pointing down. This will allow the penetrating solvent to do it’s thing.
  5. After a week or two attempt to gently wiggle the bolts free. If still stuck let it sit some more with the penetrating solvent.
  6. If bolts remain stuck, a machinist will have to drill them out.

NOTE2: Ensure your bolts are M8. Some swingarms have shown up with 6mm bolts.

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