Closeout – C82 – Fuel Cap Flange Gasket & Oring


Fuel Cap Flange Gasket & Oring


Fuel Cap Flange Gasket and Oring

Since the early 90s, Ducati has used a fuel cap design on 851/888 and SS models with an outer o-ring. Over time, the gasket dries out and cracks from fuel, weather and the sun. This gasket is an identical OEM replacement. To install, remove inner fuel cap, loosen small allen-head set screws around circumference of flange, remove flange and stock gasket clean lip of flange and stretch new gasket into place. Also for sale is the green o-ring that seals the entire fuel cap assembly against the fuel tank.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Outer Gasket Only, Gasket with O-Ring